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Optimization & Tuning

Do your processes, storage and material flow technologies still meet your current requirements? Is your system sufficiently geared for quality, performance and cost-effectiveness? Wouldn’t now be the right time to verify your warehouse logistics efficiency?

In optimization and tuning projects, we look at your warehouse from many sides, including an analysis of material flow, process design, workflows, warehouse and materials handling systems, and inventories. You benefit from our many years of practical experience gained from the large number of projects we have completed!

Together with you, we fine-tune your operations in key areas to optimize your warehouse. We have developed high-performance methodology and apply them to your particular circumstances and requirements.

In our TC warehouse audit, we identify concrete approaches to reduce processing time, increase productivity and improve workplace ergonomics. Our inventory audit shows the right balance between capital commitment and maximum readiness for delivery and gives you a targeted recommendation for action.

In our warehouse tuning, we especially look at the changed requirements for (partially) automated warehouses. We analyze (IT) processes as well as technical bottlenecks and develop possible modifications for warehouse and materials handling systems. This is how we make it possible for you to keep using the facility in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

In many cases, this is enough to position your warehouse operations competitively and align them to current and future requirements.

“External expertise” – increased performance through optimization & re-engineering

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Warehouse audit
Inventory audit
Warehouse tuning
Warehouse benchmarking

Warehouse audit

Recognizing and using the potential for savings and optimization in warehouse operations – a key success factor for your logistics. Every warehouse has potential – we are sure of that. The resources and time to determine and use this potential however are often lacking. As a neutral partner with an external objective view, we help you get maximum performance and quality out of your existing warehouse. Our sights are firmly set on the high service quality required by your customers and the future growth of your company.

Warehouse audit creates transparency

We bring your warehouse operations a significant step closer to the ideal performance level with our warehouse audit methodology.
Two factors are critical for successful warehouse operations: Employees and processes. We use our proprietary time-tested warehouse audit method to analyze and assess material flow, processes, processing times and the work practices of employees. The goal is to uncover obvious and hidden areas of inefficiencies. Based on the analysis, we identify measures for improvement together with you and determine whether they are feasible and efficient. Even seemingly minor measures can lead to significant efficiency improvements.

Your benefit

  • Quick wins
  • Increased performance and capacity
  • Transparency of savings potential
  • Improved service & quality
  • Productivity increases of up to 50%

Inventory audit

High inventory levels in companies tie up space and capital. At the same time, customers today increasingly expect shorter delivery times and immediate availability. It is necessary to find the right balance between low inventory levels and outstanding delivery performance.
Based on our many years of inventory management experience and our knowledge of the impact of different logistical controls, we develop feasible solutions that help you tackle structural inventory problems.

Immediate availability – less tied-up capital and lower costs

With the proven TIM CONSULT inventory audit method, we help you find the inventory level that is right for your company. In the first step, we check the right selection of parameters of the scheduling system and then look for ways to reduce your inventories. At the same time, the optimum inventory level is defined for each item. In the second step, we look at specific logistical influencing factors. The impacts of changed general conditions in the supply chain are investigated in different scenario models. As a result, you gain a clear understanding of your current inventory situation and measures for improvement.

Your benefit

  • Cost-efficient inventories
  • Maximum availability
  • Freed-up capital

Warehouse tuning

Today’s market is fast-paced and requirements for logistics are changing at an enormous rate. Warehouse facilities and processes that fit your needs perfectly yesterday are no longer suitable today.
We show you how you can adapt your facility to changed market requirements. Thanks to our experience and market overview, we can advise you supplier-independently and help revitalize your system efficiently and inexpensively.

Perfectly positioned for new requirements

In order to be able to identify all areas of optimization in our warehouse tuning, we look at the entire warehouse process. We start by documenting your current and future requirements and analyze the effects on processes, especially with regard to storage and materials handling systems and IT. We show you where and how adjustments need to be made in order to adapt to the new conditions. We also provide expert guidance and support for implementation of revitalization measures and ensure minimal disruption of operations.

Even small changes can have a big impact.

Your benefit

  • Increased added value of your warehouse
  • Reduced logistics costs
  • Low investment

Warehouse benchmarking

Low costs, good service, flexibility and speed – these are the requirements that warehouse managers are usually confronted with today. The productivity of intralogistics processes may decrease over time. A market comparison gives an objective picture of the performance of your warehouse operations.
We have gained extensive market knowledge through our many years of consulting experience. In addition, we are familiar with many warehouse operations and have access to comparative data. Our know-how is used for the benefit of our customers as part of our warehouse benchmarking.

Your warehouse processing in direct comparison

We use our warehouse benchmarking to analyze intralogistics processes and compare them with those of selected benchmarking participants. Our benchmarks are based on either handling, floor space or specific business dynamics. We specifically look at warehouses for production, cross-docking and distribution analyzing processes, structures, productivities, working time models and remuneration systems.
Through standardized data collection, in-depth on-site surveys, expert interviews and process-oriented harmonization, we ensure true comparison and give you clear feedback on the performance in your warehouse.


  • Identification of best practices
  • Rationalization potential for floor space, processes and equipment
  • Starting points for optimization