Immediate availability – less tied-up capital and lower costs

Inventory audit

High inventory levels in companies tie up space and capital. At the same time, customers today increasingly expect shorter delivery times and immediate availability. It is necessary to find the right balance between low inventory levels and outstanding delivery performance. Based on our many years of inventory management experience and our knowledge of the impact of different logistical controls, we develop feasible solutions that help you tackle structural inventory problems.

With the proven TIM CONSULT inventory audit method, we help you find the inventory level that is right for your company. In the first step, we check the right selection of parameters of the scheduling system and then look for ways to reduce your inventories. At the same time, the optimum inventory level is defined for each item. In the second step, we look at specific logistical influencing factors. The impacts of changed general conditions in the supply chain are investigated in different scenario models. As a result, you gain a clear understanding of your current inventory situation and measures for improvement.

Your benefit

  • Cost-efficient inventories
  • Maximum availability
  • Freed-up capital