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Focusing on our customer’s success we have been working for over 20 years in consulting and implementation. Together with our customers, we design tailor-made intralogistics solutions that are economical, flexible, scalable, and guarantee them a secure investment for the future.

Reference: National multichannel warehouse

National multichannel warehouse

State-of-the-art technology for flat and hanging goods

Customer: Retail industry

  • Dramatic reduction of number of warehouse facilities and administrative complexity
  • Increased inventory turnover via a single inventory pool for branches and eCommerce
  • Shop floor readiness (e.g. using matrix sorting)
  • Improved management efficiency for seasonal product lines

Contact: Marco Krämer

Reference: Warehouse for Electronics manufacturer

New warehouse creates room for expansion

Designed for growth

Customer: Electronics manufacturer

  • Flexible and scalable warehouse concept
  • Two expansion stages: 2018 and 2023
  • Customer-oriented delivery of prototypes
  • Ergonomic and flexible workstations
  • Flexible allocation of spaces in shuttle
  • MHE Invest: 12 million Euro, assortment: 36,000 SKU, shipments: 3,000 per day, positions: 9,000 per day

Contact: Nils Bernhard

Reference: Warehouse optimization

3A Warehouse audit

Modernization of warehouse processing

Customer: Mechanical Engineering

  • Selection and assessment of suitable picking systems (pick-by-light, pick-by-beam, pick-by-scan)
  • Hedging of investment decision
  • Reduction of order throughput time
  • Higher service level with later cut-off time
  • Increased pick productivity
  • Significant error reduction

Contact: Alexander Emmerich

Reference: Selection and design of new WMS

Selection and design of new WMS

Reduce default risk

Customer: PBS/Chemical

  • Integration of individual employee expertise
  • Standardization of core processes
  • Reduction of default risk
  • Depiction of diverse requirements of commercial customers
  • Creation of overview of requirements for hazardous substances
  • Simplified process for the use of temporary employees

Contact: Marco Krämer

Reference: Expansion of B2C pharmaceutical warehouse

Expansion of B2C pharmaceutical warehouse

Focused on continuous growth

Customer: Pharmaceuticals / Health Care

  • Creative & innovative processes
  • Growing into automation
  • Expansion in stages
  • 100% control as a quality requirement
  • Productivity increase

Contact: Marco Krämer

Reference: Central warehouse on green-field site

Central warehouse on green-field site

Restructuring of intralogistics

Customer: Wholesale electronics

  • Growing into automation through planned open areas
  • Storage and handling of various special containers
  • Flexible storage capacity in accordance with future needs
  • Ergonomic process design thanks to appropriate warehouse and materials handling systems
  • Processing time reduced by 20%

Contact: Marco Krämer

Reference: Centralization of distribution center

Centralization of distribution center

Managing volatility

Customer: Fashionbrand

  • High flexibility and scalability
  • Integrating forecasting and optimal transport cost
  • Load-dependent order allocation
  • Productivity increase of 35%
  • Unit cost reduction of 25%

Contact: Marco Krämer

Reference: Logistics concept with service focus

Logistics concept with service focus

Focus on customer service

Customer: Dealer for assembly and mounting materials

  • Improved delivery performance due to new service-oriented management
  • Additional packing area for increasing capacities for large-scale orders
  • Electronically supported packaging processes
  • Ergonomic workstations
  • Implementation during regular operations
  • New packing area for large orders: MHE Invest: > 3 million euros, consignments: 400 per day, pick positions: 30,000 per day

Contact: Nils Bernhard