Warehouse audit creates transparency

Warehouse audit

Recognizing and using the potential for savings and optimization in warehouse operations – a key success factor for your logistics. Every warehouse has potential – we are sure of that. The resources and time to determine and use this potential however are often lacking. As a neutral partner with an external objective view, we help you get maximum performance and quality out of your existing warehouse. Our sights are firmly set on the high service quality required by your customers and the future growth of your company.

We bring your warehouse operations a significant step closer to the ideal performance level with our warehouse audit methodology. Two factors are critical for successful warehouse operations: Employees and processes. We use our proprietary time-tested warehouse audit method to analyze and assess material flow, processes, processing times and the work practices of employees. The goal is to uncover obvious and hidden areas of inefficiencies. Based on the analysis, we identify measures for improvement together with you and determine whether they are feasible and efficient. Even seemingly minor measures can lead to significant efficiency improvements.

Your benefit

  • Quick wins
  • Increased performance and capacity
  • Transparency of savings potential
  • Improved service & quality
  • Productivity increases of up to 50%